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Is it Time to Sell My Mobile Home?

Updated: Mar 26

Sellers can use many techniques to sell a mobile home at a higher price. Attractive photos and detailed floor plans will pique the buyers' attention and encourage them to take your listing seriously.

Some say that the best time to list your mobile home for purchase is in the summer. While there is some truth to this statement, it doesn't tell the whole story.

Let's look at the facts about when is the best time to sell your mobile home.

Selling your Mobile Home at the Right Time

Many experts agree that summer is the best time to sell a house. Many reasons, including the end of school year, are why many leases expire in summer.

You need to ask these key questions to determine when the best time is to sell your mobile home.

  • Are you looking to sell your home as quickly as possible or make the most of your manufactured home?

  • What season is the most active for real estate? This will often be affected based on the climate in your area.

  • Is your Mobile home located in a family park or retiree park?

There are some studies that claim home sellers receive higher prices for their homes on specific dates. However, it is rarely worth the effort to get down to the exact date.

Is there a bad timing in selling a mobile home?

December is often regarded as the weakest month in the real estate market, probably because it's the Holiday season.

Late fall and winter are generally considered to be the most difficult times for home sales.

This makes sense on some levels. Many people are too busy to attend these events. Buyers might believe they have more power because they think anyone who sells a mobile home during the holiday season is desperate to make an offer. Many people will opt to keep their mobile homes for a while rather than listing them for sale in the winter.

There are some things you should consider when selling your winter mobile home.

  • Buyers who have to brave the winter are often motivated and in desperate need of a home.

  • Many buyers will be able to purchase more because they have year-end bonuses.

  • Fall and winter are ideal times to sell if you live in a warm area with many snowbird buyers.

  • Relocations of corporate employees often take place at the end or beginning of the year. This gives them a chance to get a fresh start.

There are other factors to consider

The weather is not the main factor that will affect your manufactured home's resale value. These are the major factors:

  • Value It is the most important factor in what you get for your home.

  • Price: Your mobile home must still be listed at a fair price, but not exceeding its mobile house value.

  • Area: Mobile Home that is located in an attractive community will usually sell quicker.

  • With Lot/Land: Mobile Homes that are accompanied by the land will be more appealing to buyers.

The takeaway for sellers should be that, while the time of year can have an impact on how you sell your home, it is not as important as you might think.

We do not recommend to sell your manufactured home without the proper knowledge and help you need. No matter what season it is, sellers are more likely to succeed if they have the right resources and information.

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