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Is it a Smart Choice Living in a Mobile Home?

Updated: May 2

Mobile homes are becoming more popular. You might be wondering if you should consider having one your next home. There are many things you should consider before making the decision. Remember that any home is an investment in your future. Living happily in one is all about setting expectations and being clear about what you can expect.

Low cost Price

It is undisputed. Mobile homes are more appealing than traditional stick-built homes because they are so affordable. Mobile homes are often the only choice for many people in times of housing crisis. Mobile homes are often cheaper than renting an apartment or condo.

Condos and apartments that are priced at the same level as mobile homes are not found in the most desirable areas. They are mainly located in inner-city areas and aren't the most luxurious or largest.

Mobile homes allow you to rent or buy a large family home for a fraction of the price. Based on the location and amenities, the average mobile home rental in a park (lot plus home) is $600-$700. This is almost half of the average apartment rent which is approximately $1,200+ per monthly. The best part about buying a mobile home is the price. A double-wide home costs between $60,000 and $90,000, which is nearly a quarter of what it would cost to buy a family home that was built from sticks.

This means that you and your family can live comfortably in a small backyard, in a great neighborhood, for a fraction the price.

Setting up Fast

Mobile homes can be purchased quickly if you are in urgent need of a home. Contractors and construction projects have caused us all to suffer or heard about others' suffering. These projects can often be delayed or more expensive.

The best thing about manufactured homes? It's the manufacturing process. They are built in factories using the same assembly-line methods as cars. These homes are made using standard design techniques and repeatable procedures to produce the same quality within a short time.

Most factories can build homes in one week or less after a request has been received. It will vary depending on what home you choose and how many options you have. They can be built in as little as two days for some people!

It should take no more than a day to build a foundation or prepare the lot for a manufactured house. It can also be done before the home is completed. It can be done in one day, including transporting and setting up the home.

Mobile homes offer a significant advantage over stick-built homes, which take on average seven months to build.

They are stylish and elegant. These are often called homes of the future.

Once you have a mobile home, it is easy to increase the energy efficiency. It is very easy to cover your mobile home with a cooling membrane, or add insulation to the ceiling, floor, and walls.


Manufacturers offer the option for customers to select a layout from a pre-defined set or to customize it to their liking at an additional cost. It's easy to build a home according to your specifications using modern manufacturing techniques and computer-aided design (CAD).

Although your options aren't as extensive as with a stick-built house, it is so much easier and you can still get it on time. It would surprise you to learn how many added-ons and amenities are available from manufacturers today. You can have all the rooms or additions that a traditional house has.

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