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Selling A Mobile Home that has To Be Moved-California

Updated: Mar 24

Why a Mobile Home Should Be Sold and Why You Should Keep the Land

You might be thinking of selling your mobile home and need to know how to move it. Our experts will help you understand the options, possible problems, and how to proceed.

There are many reasons you might want to keep the mobile home's current location. However, mobile homes are not as valuable as land. Therefore, mobile homes will always be less valuable than what you paid initially, no matter what remodels or upgrades you do.

You may also want to keep the land in case you want to sell it eventually. Selling the ground by itself can yield a higher return than selling the home and land together.

You may consider keeping the land if it is located in rural areas. Or you might want to move to another location.

The land is also owned by some people who have a lien on it. However, the mobile home is completely free and clear. The money you receive from the sale of your home can be used to pay a portion or all of the lien.

Selling a mobile home that is being moved may pose legal problems. If the mobile home is part of the land's legal description, it can't be sold separately. This is because the house and land are one legal property and cannot be sold separately.

If the property and your home are of the same title, you may face tax problems. You should contact your local tax office and your treasurer. You may need to fill out forms depending on where you live for the state to issue a new title.

Selling a mobile home without land to private buyers is not only tricky but also legal. The land is the essential thing that makes the home more desirable. The home's value is sharply decreased if it is not sold.

You may be able to offer a lower price if you find a buyer willing to buy the house without the land. This is because of the costs that the buyer will have to incur. These costs include hiring someone to move the home and the cost of insurance for the home.

The value of an older mobile home will be lower, especially if it's a fixer-upper house that needs major or minor repairs.

If the mobile home is older, well-maintained, and has at least two bedrooms, your chances of selling it quickly to a private buyer are higher.

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