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How Do I Sell My Mobile Home Fast?

Mobile Home Matadors is one of the easiest ways to sell your mobile home without the headache, and we can close in as little as 10 days! You can sell your mobile home for cash without fees and repairs or use one of our other methods. Want to learn more?


We have worked with all types of situations, including Mobile Homes in Parks, Inherited Mobile Homes, Age-Restricted Parks, and On Land.  We can pretty much buy any mobile home in “any condition.”


The Mobile Home Matadors -
Sell My Mobile Home

Mobile Home Matadors works with park owners, mobile homeowners, and all those who are a part of these communities by providing services, education, and resources about mobile homes. If you are looking to sell, We Buy Mobile and Sell Mobile Homes Fast Anywhere! 

Keep in mind when you sell your mobile home to a cash buyer, you are selling to a big real estate company.  We do our best to personalize our solutions so they are catered to you.  And if there is something we can't do, we let you know upfront.  Here at Mobile Homes Matadors, we promise that there’s NO BULL!

Our team is here to help and provide several services, so feel free to meet them here.

Mobile Home Matadors is pretty solid. I wasn’t having much luck trying to sell my mobile home. Honestly, it was a lot of work and I was in over my head. I contacted them and they got it sold pretty quick. Ria was the one that helped with the process and she is the best. They have great customer service, are pretty chill, and super informative. I’m glad I found them.


Jennifer Shim

How Do I Sell My Mobile Home Fast?

Selling your manufactured can be simple.  What actually matters is finding the solution that will work best for you.  If selling your mobile home cash makes sense, then you should work with a credible cash buyer like us.  We are skilled in helping people who find themselves saying, “I need to sell my mobile home” or “ I need to sell an inherited mobile home.”  These are a few things you should know:

How We Work

Home sellers guide. Learn exactly how we develop our offers and how the process works. It’s straightforward & easy.

Our Company

Before selling to us, get to know us. We are a family business and everything we do is based on honesty and transparency.

Request Cash Offer

Fill in the form, and we’ll contact you with your offer! There is no pressure & no obligation to accept.

We Buy Mobile Homes “As-Is”

We buy mobile homes in "As-Is" condition! That means you don’t need to lift a finger or spend unnecessary cash to sell your mobile house. The whole reason that we buy mobile homes "As-Is," is because we’re planning to fix it up and then eventually resell it. We work hard so you don't have to.  We have a team of people to help us handle big projects.  Feel free to leave behind whatever you don’t want and we’ll handle the rest!


This also includes cleaning or purging.  We are serious when we say "As-Is" and that often times includes hoarder homes.  There have been times when inherited mobile homes have needed a deep cleaning or removal of belonging from the previous tenant and we are definitely down for the challenge.

The Kind of Manufactured Homes We Buy


 “Fix and Flip”

Usually bought in "As-Is" condition.  After that think HGTV, but for mobile/manufactured homes.


Affordable Housing or Rental

Manufactured homes that we sell to DIYers or units that need very little repair are great opportunities for individuals and families.



A great way to get more money, if your mobile home needs work and you have time to wait.

There will never be enough words of praise and gratitude for all the energy, effort, and encouragement I received from both Ria and Cedric starting from the moment I placed not only my home but myself in their capable hands. Ria and Cedric provided the most qualified, knowledgeable and professional service in selling my home...


We Buy Mobile Homes No Matter The Reason

Avoid agent commissions, closing costs, uncertainties, or costly repairs. We buy mobile homes and land all over the United States no matter what your reasons for selling are:



Facing Eviction

Moving Out

Expensive Repairs


Need To Be Moved

Title Issues


An Easier Way to Sell Your Mobile Home

Mobile Home Matadors sets a different standard for selling your home. We’re focused on providing you with a life-changing solution and ensuring the process is simple. Our team is upfront, honest, and caring. If you find yourself saying, “I want to sell my mobile home fast”, we are here to help, by offering a sale on your terms.


Offer a Quick Solution
After a walk-through of your home, we will offer and show how we calculate your offer. We hope you like the offer but there's never any obligation.


Simple 1-Page Agreement
We do our best to make sure contracts are simple to understand and avoid any confusing language by keeping our agreement short.


Done With Local Escrow Company
We usually close with our own cash but when necessary we will use a local escrow company to close. We help or complete all the work with you so you understand the process and what you are signing.


We Can Provide Proof of Funds
Not all potential buyers have the funds to buy your property. We can provide proof of funds that proves we have the cash to purchase your house.


No Stress of Moving 
There can be a lot of stress and moving pieces when selling a mobile home, especially if the park has demands.  We remain flexible to work on a timeline that works for you.


Already Got An Offer? Let Us Try To Beat It!
Want to see if your current offer is competitive?  Go ahead and reach out to us, we will do our best to match or beat any offer you have.


We Provide You The Best Experience

We aim to provide the best experience and set realistic expectations.  You can avoid agent commissions, closing costs, uncertainties, or costly repairs. We buy mobile homes and land all over the United States no matter what your reasons for selling are:


Years Experience


House Sold

We Purchase Mobile Homes in Los Angeles, California, and Other Parts of the United States

We would love to buy your home for cash if you are tired of dealing with owning a manufactured home.  Especially, if you don’t want to put in the effort because of how time-consuming and expensive selling your property the traditional way can be.


We buy mobile homes in California, so simply let us know about the property you’d like to be rid of and sell your mobile home fast for cash. Talk to someone in our office before submitting your property information by calling us today at (323) 403-5600, if you have questions.



There are so many different situations and often time the best solutions come from a better understanding of why someone is looking to sell and help them meet their needs. We are based in Los Angeles but we buy mobile homes throughout California.

In most cases, we are able to buy homes cash but we are a licensed dealer that can help with deals that look are similar to traditional sales, too.  You have a busy life and owning a property that needs to be sold can feel overwhelming, so let us help, sell your mobile home fast.

More About the Mobile Real Estate Market and How to Sell

It is estimated that up to 6.4% of Americans live in mobile homes and/or mobile home parks.  We sell mobile homes and create a process that makes them pleasurable.  That equates to about 21.5 million people; however, this portion of the housing market is largely misrepresented.


Despite the need for affordable housing, so it’s not uncommon to drive through a park and see for-sale signs or look online at listings that have been posted for months on end.  It’s also not uncommon to find park owners with vacancies for people who are deeply interested in living in these communities. It has never been a better time to sell mobile homes in California.

Mobile Home Real Estate Market

Isn’t it time you get the treatment you deserve? Most real estate agents don’t do enough for mobile homeowners and simply don’t know the economics of this market. There is a strong demand for affordable homes and you need someone in your corner. This knowledge gap leads to mobile homes being on the market for an extended period of time.

Make your life easier and get out from under that property and get a fair, fast price for your mobile home.  We buy and sell mobile homes in the Los Angeles area, so if you’re looking for help please feel free to reach out to us