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Required Certificates in Selling a Mobile Home

Updated: Mar 21

A mobile home, also known as a manufactured house, is an attractive option for homeowners due to its affordability. Mobile homes that are not permanently attached to foundations are considered personal properties. A mobile home is personal property, like an automobile. Therefore, it requires documentation such as a property description. Mobile homes can also be considered dwellings, so they require various occupancy certificates.

Certificate of Mobile Home Ownership

Mobile homes are not considered real property and have automobile-like titles. Mobile home titles are usually issued by the motor vehicle departments in the states where the homes are located. The title of your mobile home is signed by you and the buyer, just like a car. After you have sold your mobile home, the buyer will sign it and register it at the motor vehicle department of your state.

Mobile Home Sale Receipt

A bill of sale is the most common evidence of the sale or purchase of personal property. A bill of sale is required if your mobile home is personal property or chattel. When the bill of sale is notarized, both the buyer and you should sign it. Sometimes, lenders who make purchase loans for mobile homes require a title and a notarized bill to sell the home.

State Property Tax

Mobile homes are treated in the same way as other dwellings. They are subject to taxation by both states and municipalities. Mobile homes are assessed in some states, like California, the same way as real property. Mobile homes are taxed in the same way as automobiles by other states. It is possible that you will need to show proof of municipal or state property taxes paid to your mobile home's buyers. It is a good idea to gather all of your ownership documentation before you sell your mobile home.

Certificate of Occupancy

California, for example, requires mobile homes to be equipped with certificates of occupancy. If your mobile home has a certificate of occupancy, you might have to give it to your buyer. Many states and municipalities also require that mobile homes and parks pass regular fire safety inspections. To close on a loan, mobile home lenders may require borrowers to show their homes' occupancy and fire safety inspection documentation.

Selling a Mobile Home

Most owners find selling a mobile home easy. You should ensure that you follow the rules of your mobile home park for unit sales and transfer if your home is located in one. Your buyer may be moving the home once you have purchased it. Make sure that you coordinate your transport arrangements well in advance. You and the buyer should plan ahead before the exact moving date.

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