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Celebrity Secrets: Famous Stars Who Called Mobile Homes Home

Updated: Jan 4

Celebrities are often a source of inspiration. Celebrities set the bar for how we judge our lives and measure our success. We enjoy gossip, and we also like it when there's some. Celebrities are a great way to get our attention, whether it's breaking news or something completely contrary to our preconceived notions.

You may not be aware that mobile homes can also reach for the stars. Mobile homes are a great option for those who want to live in luxury, whether it's temporary housing or their dream home. Why not? There are many reasons to love the mobile home lifestyle!


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Did you know that Matthew McConaughey, a director and Oscar-winning actor, lived in a mobile home park. This is Malibu's most popular neighborhood. Paradise Cove was originally a vacation rental area. But, it has become a fashionable place to live!


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Nia Peeples, Pretty Little Liars , lives in a trailer with a double width by the beach. She initially resisted her husband's offer to live in a mobile house. She soon realized that the mobile home was a great option for unique living spaces. It was also close to nature, which made it a clear winner for her. She and her husband decided to take out the air conditioning and heating. The fireplace they built could keep them warm during the colder days. A short walk from their front door is a cool swim in the ocean to beat the summer heat. Although a quick tour of her home takes only a few minutes it is filled with a unique character and peace.

Watch this YouTube video of Nia Pepples Mobile Home tour Video credit to the rightful owner.


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Kid Rock, multi-platinum artist, loves to live in a mobile home. It's located on 102 acres near Nashville, TN and is his pride and joy. He regrets not making the move from a mansion to a double-wide home. He found peace in his home, which is much more manageable than a mansion. He loves the fact that it can be easily rebuilt in case of disaster.


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He didn't let his success as a Hollywood director stop him from buying a mobile home. He is able to live in a mobile home, which is something that millions could not buy. He was able to find meaning in a difficult time of his life by having a mobile home. He was able to focus on his search for answers and not be distracted by the clutter of his home. Tom now enjoys the happiness that this lifestyle change has brought him.


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David Arquette once lived in a Malibu manufactured house. This mobile home, located in the Point Dume Club, has two bedrooms and two baths. He was able to take in the stunning ocean views from his wraparound deck.


As you can see, the advantages of living in a mobile house are many. This is something that famous people also know. If you are skeptical about the idea of a mobile home, it is time to let go of the trailer mental image.

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