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Affordable Housing is Making Gains

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Did You Know that approximately 15-25 million Americans live within mobile homes? Over half of these homeowners work full-time. The mobile home concept is gaining popularity. Mobile homes don't necessarily have to be boring.

A mobile home is a great option for many reasons. Mobile homes are cheaper than stick built home and customizable, so they can be tailored to your minimalist lifestyle.

Less Expensive

In terms of quality and energy efficiency, the factory-built housing industry has made great strides in its construction. Mobile homes can be very low-maintenance and designed to last.

The HUD code was established in 1976. The HUD government regulations on mobile home construction raised manufacturing quality.

Energy Star approves many manufacturers that go above and beyond the HUD requirements. Energy Star aims to reduce homeowners' needless energy expenditures. This is achieved by encouraging manufacturers and other suppliers to reduce energy consumption. The manufacturer must meet their strict requirements to earn Energy Star certification. The certification process involves careful inspection.

Custom Built

Mobile home owners can have a variety of lifestyles and budgets. Manufactured Homes can be customized to suit any taste or need. You want a modern design? Classic? A wrap around deck? You got it. You want something simpler? You can also get something a little simpler. The best part? You can make additions and renovations as you go along, and your home will continue to evolve.


Many homeowners find a simpler and more enjoyable lifestyle that is low-maintenance a plus. As we mentioned in our recent post, this is true even for millionaires. A mobile home can require less maintenance. Living a minimalist lifestyle gives you more freedom to pursue the things that you want. This allows you to live in peace and gives you more time for better health. Mobile homes are a fraction of the price of a mansion and can improve your quality of living.

As you can see, the advantages of living in a manufactured home are many. This is something that famous people also know. If you are skeptical about the idea of a mobile home, it is time to let go of the trailer mental image.

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