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What to Know If You Are Buying A Mobile Home

Updated: Mar 26

There are several things you should consider when buying a mobile or manufactured home in Los Angeles.

Age Restrictions

There are a variety of age restrictions or requirements for mobile home park. Some communities permit all-age residents while others require specific age requirements. Parks that are 55/45 allow for the youngest person to live in the home, provided there are at least two people 55+.


It is a good idea to have termite and health & safety inspections. Mobile and manufactured home inspectors can help you if you're looking to renovate your home. A trained inspector can show you all the important details to be aware of in any particular home. Some companies offer termite inspections for as low as $65. These inspections can be done for $65-$300. But the peace of mind that you get from them is worth the effort. You can also check our blog

Space Lease

Los Angeles requires that new residents make three times the space rent in order to be eligible for the community. For example if a mobile home park rent is $800 per month, the new resident must have an income of $2,400+ per monthly. The space rent advertised by mobile home park typically covers the cost for leasing the land. Ask the mobile home park managers about what is included in the rent, and whether there are metered charges or additional fees. These costs are not significant, but it is helpful to know what your monthly payments will look like in advance. Additional costs include gas, electric, water and trash.

Get an Experienced Buyer and Seller

We are experienced buyer and seller and will ensure that you have your rights protected. We are familiar with the civil code and will make sure that both parties understand their responsibilities to ensure a peaceful transaction. We believe in establishing a relationship between sellers and buyers so that everyone is satisfied with the result. If you are looking to buy or sell mobile or manufactured homes in Los Angeles and nearby areas please feel free to message us or call us anytime (323) 403-5600.

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