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Spotting the Ideal Mobile Home Buyer: Top Signs

Updated: May 1

You will look for mobile home buyers if you are in the market to sell your house. How can you tell if the buyer is a good or bad home buyer? The internet makes it easy to research just about anyone and everything. You can check with reliable rating sources to find out what others' experiences were, if they are active on Social Media, and how their website looks.


The best mobile home buyers will close quickly, sometimes in as little as two business days. They may offer 100% cash but could also use other payment options to fit your needs. It can be difficult to contact bad home buyers. They may offer a quick closing, but they will delay or not return calls or emails. A great home buyer will not renegotiate unless there are extra circumstances or hidden facts. Bad home buyers might try to adjust the price multiple times.

Positive Reviews

Great mobile home buyers will have positive reviews. There will be negative reviews, as we all know, things do happen and people make mistakes. While this shouldn't affect your decision, it is important to check if any reviews have been left by the mobile home buyer. What was their response? Are you satisfied with the way they handled it?

Their Character

The best mobile home buyers are positive about real estate and follow through. They will call you back if you ask. They'll talk about a great game and back it up! Bad home buyers will make you feel smug and disappointed. They will make appointments and then never call or show up. Imagine spending hours cleaning up and tidying up the house only to find that the potential buyer has not shown up. But with Mobile Home Matadors, you do not need to clean up or fix anything, we buy your mobile home as is!


Referrals are an important part to any business. You can contact multiple references to find out how a great home buyer does business. They should also be available to answer your questions. This could indicate that they are not a good home buyer. Do they have reviews on their website? Are they active on social media? What do their followers say in their comments? Are there any public reviews?


A great mobile home buyer will agree to close within 2 to 30 business days. They will also provide a deposit. They won't rush you out of your home. Instead, they will keep in touch with the title company. Bad home buyers may attempt to extend the closing dates multiple times or ignore it altogether. They may also try to obstruct the title company from closing the property.

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