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Sell your Mobile Home in Florida

Updated: Mar 24

It can be difficult to find the best way to sell your mobile home in Florida in such a competitive market. This article will discuss the most important aspects of selling a Florida mobile home and the expectations of a new seller.

Hiring an Agent or No?

The first decision Florida home sellers have to make is whether or no agent should be used. Although it can be more difficult to sell a mobile home "for sale by owner" (FSBO), each option has its benefits.

A seller can save thousands of dollars by selling a mobile home directly without the help of an agent. It's now hassle free than ever to sell a mobile home without an agent.

There are some advantages to using an agent, however. Agents help sellers to market their homes better by doing the legwork and showing potential buyers the property. Agents are available to assist with documents other details of the selling process.

If you do decide to work with an agent, make sure they are experienced in selling mobile homes. This is a niche market and requires different paperwork than selling a home that has been built. It is important to thoroughly vet any agent you hire to make sure they are the perfect agent for your mobile home.

Getting ready and Marketing

It takes more than a successful sale of a manufactured home. The seller must prepare the home to attract buyers and spark interest.

A professional appraisal and inspection are essential steps in selling your mobile home.

Advertising and marketing are equally important. It is important to create promotional materials, host open houses, and optimize listing copy and photos. While an agent is able to assist with these tasks, you can do them yourself.

Make sure your home looks clean and well-maintained. Make sure to clean the bathrooms and carpets inside. If you don't have any, consider trimming the grass and pulling the weeds. It can make a house look great.


Florida has specific requirements for sellers of mobile homes. These documents are some of the most important.

  • If the manufactured home is titled as chattel, the vehicle title or the real property deed are required.

  • The bill of sale for the manufactured house, with the buyer's and seller's signatures

  • Tax records are required to show that the seller has paid all taxes applicable to the mobile home.

Agents can help you navigate the documents if you are selling a mobile home. If you are selling your mobile home by owner, be sure to review all the necessary documents.

After the sale closes, the actual transfer of title takes place. To transfer the title to the chattel home, the buyer must bring the signed documents from the seller to the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. The buyer will be issued a tax sticker to attach to their home once the title has been transferred.

Remember that mobile home communities in Florida and elsewhere have additional requirements when selling homes. If you are selling a mobile home in a mobile home park or community, make sure to check the requirements for your park.

Mobile Home Matadors- Buy and Sell Mobile/Manufactured Homes

Mobile Home Matadors works with park owners, mobile homeowners, and all those who are a part of these communities by providing services, education, and resources about mobile homes. If you are looking to sell, We Buy Mobile and Sell Mobile Homes Fast Anywhere!

We work with specialists and investors throughout the United States to find you the best solution, no matter the circumstance.

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