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Buy a Mobile or Manufactured Home in Florida

Updated: Mar 12

Florida is the most popular market for manufactured homes in the country. These homes are great for seniors, they offer year-round warmth and are an excellent example of low-cost homes that still have luxury quality.

Have a Checklist

It is important to first determine your Florida mobile home lifestyle goals.

Florida is a popular destination for retirees due to its warm climate and many Mobile Home for senior communities When searching for mobile homes in Florida, think about how much you will need.

You could have access to local amenities like a swimming pool or gym, and prefer a double-wide mobile home if you require more space for yourself and your stuff.

Is it private or community land?

We mentioned mobile home retirement communities earlier. This type of mobile home living allows you to own your mobile home and rent the land.

You can enjoy the community's amenities. These can include walking trails, clubhouses, and lounges. Although the exact amenities will vary from one community to another, you can still benefit from them while meeting your neighbors by searching for mobile homes within communities.

You may also prefer to have your own land along with your home. You can also search for homes on your own land if this fits you.


Before you start looking for manufactured homes, it's important to know your budget. How much are you willing to spend on a Florida mobile home, new or used?

Market Research

To find out the average price of mobile homes in a particular area, search google for mobile homes like Mobile Home Matadors. This will help you determine your budget if you want to move to that area.

Doing some research in the area you want to buy a mobile home will help you determine what kind of homes are available and whether they are located on private land or within a community.

After you have toured the home and spoken with the seller, you will usually make an offer. Congratulations if your offer is accepted! Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a manufactured house.

Mobile Home Rules in Florida

The most important thing to remember from a paperwork perspective is to transfer title ownership from the seller to your name. To complete the process, you will need a title and bill of sale. Florida is exempted from the requirement that a notary be present in order to transfer the title.

Florida requires that there be one title for each section of a manufactured home. If you are buying a double-wide manufactured house, make sure that there are two titles and that both titles are received when you purchase the home.

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