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What to Expect from a for sale by owner: Mobile Home

Updated: Feb 26

In today's competitive housing market, many homeowners like yourself are considering the lesser-known path of selling their mobile homes independently, or 'for sale by owner.' Whether you're trying to sidestep expensive realtor fees or simply preserve your sense of control in this pivotal transaction, adopting the role of a solo seller can be an exhilarating journey. Below are some of the challenges that you need to go through:

Identifying calls

Selling your mobile home as an FSBO listing means that you are acting as a gatekeeper. You need to be realistic about the time and effort involved before you try to eat too much. It will take you several hours to answer or return phone calls and sort out qualified buyers.


Sellers often put off selling their mobile homes because they are afraid of the whole process. Strangers visiting their private domain can be disturbing and annoying for many sellers, regardless of whether they are viewing the photos online or taking a 360-degree virtual tour. Having a FSBO listing can cause you to experience a lot of inconveniences, such as last-minute buyers requesting a walk-through or having to reschedule your life around potential buyers.


Properly marketing your FSBO listing from the beginning is key to reducing how long it will remain on the market. The seller will typically realize less if a listing is left untargeted for too long. An agent will help you stage your property to make it look its best. The competition in today's market is fierce. Buyers can easily scroll through hundreds of listings online in just minutes. Top performers agents are aware of this fact.


Many sellers find it difficult to negotiate for their FSBO listing because you are attached to their home. Buyers could offer lowball offers for mobile homes that aren't in the best condition. This could be insulting. Comments can be cold and heartless in buyers' efforts to save money. Having an emotional reaction to potential buyers can lead to costly negotiations.

messy living room
mobile home living room

Unexpected Repairs

It is possible for a lot of upfront money to disappear into the hole of repairs for FSBO listings. As a seller, inspections are an essential evil that protects you from any legal action if you fail to disclose information. In order for buyers to be eligible for a loan, they will need to complete all repairs before closing. This means that you will have to pay the entire bill. Your buyers may ask for a price cut, which is often outrageous, and they will take away any remaining profit.


The earnest money is an essential part of any real estate transaction. It is usually managed by the broker and agent, and held in an account until closing. To show their commitment to the sale, the buyer will need to deposit a deposit when you accept an offer to buy your mobile home. This is typically one to three percent of its purchase price.


Many sellers prefer to work with a professional rather than carry the burden of listing process. This job requires extensive paperwork and a commitment to time. This paperwork could lead to delays or even derailment of your deal.

Forget the Listing

Avoid paying commissions and dealing with the hassles that come with a FSBO listing. Selling to Mobile Home Matadors will not cost you anything and take very little time. Mobile Home Matadors purchases mobile homes as-is, in cash. This takes just a few days. Are you ready to find out how we can solve your problems?

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