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Updated: May 2

There are many features and characteristics to be considered when looking for manufactured homes in California. Buyers must evaluate a variety of fixtures, appliances and materials. These buyers often prefer dwellings that have one or more of the following amenities:

*It is more comfortable to live at manufactured homes in San Diego and Los Angeles with double-paned windows. They reduce noise pollution from the streets. Cooling costs during summer are also reduced by multiple layers of glass.

* Energy Star certifications are often sought by buyers who desire lower utility bills. An entire manufactured home might be certified for its efficiency.

* Popularity of wood, gas and electric fireplaces is high. A majority of homebuyers are willing to pay more for these fireplaces. These units are a focal point that is attractive and provide enough heat to heat some homes during the mild winter in southern California.

* Many people search for buildings built in 1972 or later. According to the Lompoc Record, these homes offer increased fire safety. In terms of fire prevention, modern manufactured homes are often better than traditional homes.

*Buyers may seek out homes that come with guarantees to give them greater assurance. Many pre-owned homes come with a one-year home warranty. Some buildings with a relatively recent history may have transferable long-term warranties.

* Homebuyers all over the country are increasingly choosing walk-in closets. These handy storage spaces provide ample space for clothes, seasonal items, and other belongings. These storage areas are also used by some people to impress their friends.

* Central air conditioning is a valuable tool in southern California, even though it may not be as important in the coastal areas. These units are more efficient and produce less noise than windows units.

* Decks and porches are great places to take in the sunshine and warm temperatures of the Golden State. These decks make it easy to enjoy the outdoors, relax and eat outside.

Other desirable features include kitchen cabinets and islands, laundry area, as well as countertops. Californians are open to different amenities for their manufactured homes depending on where they live or what they do.

We at Mobile Home Matadors connect buyers, sellers & help property owners in a myriad of situations to provide solutions for their manufactured (mobile) homes. We buy manufactured homes throughout California (predominantly Southern California), parts of Arizona, Las Vegas & throughout the US.

Each situation is unique and we work to offer each client a tailored experience. With every client, we seek to understand the full scope of their unique situation so we can analyze and advise the best course of action. We want every client to be completely satisfied with our service.

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