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How do you Prepare your Land for Setting up a Mobile Home?

One of the greatest advantages of Mobile Home is their ability to build a home on vacant land much faster than traditional site-built construction. Site preparation is required before a Mobile Home can be placed on the land. Poor or sloppy installation is the main reason for most structural problems in manufactured/mobile houses. You must prepare the site for your California manufactured/mobile home.

These are some guides that will help you prepare your land to build your Mobile Home.

Area Surveillance

The site will be inspected by the installers before the shovel is driven into the ground. This survey will help determine the best method of transporting your home to that particular location. They will inspect the site for restrictions and zoning, as well as the soil composition and possible water and drainage problems.

Obtaining permits

The inspectors will inspect the work and then apply for the permits. These permits include permits for transport, utility lines, soil capacity and seepage tests. The local government websites and organizations involved in the manufacturing housing industry can provide more information about permits.

Ground preparations

It is important to prepare the site for a successful installation. Clearing all debris, trees and shrubbery must be done. The soil must also be graded. It is important to level the site so that rainwater can drain away easily. It is essential to hire professionals for site preparation if you need to be efficient and fast.

Establish Foundation

A strong foundation is essential for the stability of your California Mobile Home. There are two types for Mobile Homes: permanent or non-permanent foundations. The type of foundation you choose will depend on your budget, lender, local codes and site conditions. A non-permanent foundation is preferred by most homeowners as it is more affordable. Although it is more expensive, a permanent foundation has its benefits. Your home becomes real property when it is set on a permanent foundation. It also gains in value over time.

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