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Mobile Home Titles 101

Updated: Mar 20

What is a title? And why is it so important when looking to buy or sell my mobile home.

certificate of title
certificate of title

Example of a Title

Throughout the US, ownership of mobile homes (also referred to as manufactured homes) are transferred using a state-issued certificate called a title. In your everyday life, you mostly have experience with a title through your vehicle. A mobile home title is nearly equivalent to the title of your personal vehicle.

The mobile home title will be issued by the state where the home is located. The title outlines vital information, such as the home’s VIN (vehicle identification number), serial numbers, make, model, year built, owner’s name, lien holder’s info, and any other pertinent legal information on the home. Similar to other important legal documents, a mobile home title should be kept private and stored in a safe place.

For single wide mobile homes, one title is issued; however, if the home is a double-wide or triple-wide, then two or more titles should be accounted for. Even in states that do not use titles to transfer mobile homeownership, there may still be confusion and errors concerning who owns the home and the next steps moving forward.

If a mobile home seller has a clear title with no liens, there will be little resistance in transferring the mobile homeownership from the current seller to the new buyer, unless there are other title issues (See our article, Common Mobile Home Title Issues).

Depending on your state, a mobile home title is typically transferred at your local Department of Motor Vehicles, Town Clerk, or motor vehicle administration. Texas and California residents may prefer to mail in their documents, as these states only have one or two mobile home titling department branches statewide.

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