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Inherited Mobile Home


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5 yellow star google review

When I unexpectedly inherited a mobile from my aunt, I initially thought I could manage it from across the country. It proved more time consuming and financially draining than I could imagine. Luckily my cousin sent me Ria and Cedrics info. They were so amazing and helpful

Need to Sell An Inherited Mobile Home?

Mobile Home Matadors understand the complexities of selling an inherited manufactured home. It is common for these homes to require more time and resources than one may have available, especially if they are inherited unexpectedly.
Trust us to navigate these challenges and find a solution for your needs.  As mobile home buyers, we have a successful track record of buying inherited mobile homes and helping people with the sale of a probate manufactured home.

Before and After Living Area Modesto Mobile Home

Who Buys Inherited Manufactured Homes?

In our experience, inherited property can be complex.  Whether you are a surviving spouse or beneficiary, it can be a lot to take.  There may be disagreements within the family, financial responsibility, bad timing, repairs, the park (their demands), and potentially being in another state.  

As a company, we have assisted families in navigating the process of selling a mobile home in a park (on rented land) or an inherited mobile home affixed to land (real estate) and have provided flexible options to ease the burden of this process. 

Skip the cleaning.

Trash Removal
Before After Bathroom in Mobile Home

Avoid the costly repairs.

Get a Solution, NO BULL!

Was a great experience to work with Cedric and sell him my mobile home in Napa Valley ... Gave me the best possible deal and helped out with other things needed when it came to moving out. Highly recommend doing business with him and his team!

- John White

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Sell an Inherited Mobile Home 'As-Is'

Selling to Mobile Home Matadors is easy.  If you want to sell a probate mobile home or any inherited personal property, consider us first. Working with a realtor could mean unexpected fees and showings. Avoid the disappointment of an appraisal or loan falling through.

We Buy Manufactured Homes In Parks

Mobile Home bought in a Park

We Buy Mobile Homes On Land

Mobile Home on a Private Land

We can buy Probate Mobile Homes on Land or in a Park (rented land).  The mobile Homes may be similar, but the process is different.  We do our best to take the stress out of selling personal property by buying mobile homes fast.  Even if you want to get rid of a mobile home in a park, we can work with the park and most of its demands.

We will complete any requests made on the park's behalf, along with transferring the title of the mobile home to escrow.  Mobile Home Matadors has the resources and expertise to focus on finding you a great solution, so you can prioritize what's important to you.

Matadors Ria & Ced

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