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How To Sell Your Mobile Home in Modesto California Without Investing Too Much Money Into It

Updated: Mar 19

There are different reasons why mobile homeowners are selling their property, such as divorce or death, mortgage issues, work-related situations, and many more. There are also mobile homeowners in California who are ready to move onto their next stage of life. Some sellers have inherited a mobile home that they sometimes do not have the time or money to re-construct or no plan living in the property. Sad to say, some mobile homeowners cannot afford to maintain or pay the monthly mortgage that causes them to sell as soon as possible to avoid foreclosures. Whatever your reason may be, we'll search how to sell your mobile home in Modesto without putting more money into it.

Sell Your Mobile Home As-Is 

List your mobile home for sale ‘As-Is.’ many prospective buyers are looking for properties being sold as-is because they know it will be a good investment paying for a little money in most cases. You have to be honest and disclose all issues to your buyer or listing agent regarding the mobile home. You also have to know that even if you disclose the condition of the mobile home, the buyer may still request an inspection. You are also legally in charge of the problem that may come after the mobile home has sold.

Disclosed Loans used for Renovations

It does not matter if you list your mobile home as for sale by the owner or hire a real estate agent; you have to tell them that you made some loans for renovations, that will be very helpful if you are looking to sell your mobile home in Modesto without investing too much money. These programs do have limitations regarding the borrower's credit, and potentially the renovation will add on the mobile home's value when done. Be ready for new buyers who are not prepared to seal the deal and have second thoughts and sometimes back up, most probably because their finance falls.

Lower the Selling Price

This is another way to sell your mobile home in Modesto without investing too much money into it to sell at a little lower price than similar mobile homes. Sellers can also add an allowance for bargaining in counter bids. When computing your mobile home price, you have to evaluate your mobile home at a higher value for a longer duration. Keep in mind the chances of paying for double households if you are selling due to unforeseen circumstances like force change of residence. With today's market and with the big help of the internet using online marketing, you will attract buyers rapidly; I suggest you start asking for your real asking price.

Viewing of your Mobile Home

I sometimes know that it is a bit uncomfortable to have strangers checking through your property, but viewing is a big part of your selling process. It could always be challenging to keep your mobile home ready for people who want to see it, but you have to keep in mind that viewing is a big part of the selling, and in the end, all your hard work and discomfort are well worth it. You also have to be flexible about the Schedule Viewing of your mobile home. There are buyers ready to buy right now, knowing that there is a 24 hour grace period for the homeowners in California to get everything ready or move somewhere else, which can be a big no for sale. Your readiness to open your mobile home to potential buyers will give you a huge advantage compared to other listings on the row.

You can sell your mobile home for sale by the owner and hope that the property will be sold quickly. However, if you don't have time to market it and have no patience in dealing with showings, please feel free to give us a call (323) 403-5600 or message us

We will love to buy your home for cash if you are tired of dealing with owning a manufactured home. Especially if you don't want to put in the effort because of how time-consuming and expensive selling your property the traditional way can be, simply let us know about the property you'd like to be rid of and sell my mobile home fast for cash. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you have questions; reach us at (323) 403-5600. Here at Mobile Home Matadors, we create those “Ah-Ha” moments with potentially life-changing solutions. We are here to help guide you through a simple process. We call ourselves Matador because there is “NO BULL” when it comes to helping you. We operate with integrity and want you to know what we can and can’t do, along with how we can best serve.

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