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Can Mobile Home last for 50 years or more?

Updated: May 1

Due to rising US real estate prices, mobile homes are becoming more popular. However, the cost of a mobile home varies by state.

Los Angeles, California has everything you need when you decided to buy a mobile home. We offer high-quality products as well as excellent customer service to help you find the perfect home.

For instance,10-15% less expensive than the traditional home.

Problem is, the price is still too high to most Americans. Some have decided to go with a more affordable option: manufactured homes.

There are many more questions, including the question of how long manufactured homes can last.

What is the Lifespan of Manufactured Homes

According to the Manufactured Home Institute, a manufactured house can last approximately 30-55 years. You'll also need to take into consideration other factors.

Maintenance regularity is one of them. Routine maintenance is important for mobile homes, just like traditional houses.

The question is: What maintenance should I perform to prolong the life expectancy of my mobile home?

1. The foundation is worth a look

Traditional homes sink and settle on the foundation over time. Similar mobile homes exist.

You should therefore regularly check the support structure to ensure it is stable. You can do the assessment yourself but it is best to hire a professional.

This is doubly true for mobile home foundations and support structures that are complex.

In an ideal world, you would want to level the structure semi-regularly. You should pay particular attention to the first few years of settling or making changes.

A weak foundation can lead to:

  • Cracks and leaks in the wall

  • Humidity seeping into your house

  • Windows and doors don't shut properly

These complications could also lead to other problems. A leaky wall could cause warping to the support structure. Make sure to inspect the foundation of your mobile home.

2. Examine the roof

It is recommended that your roof be inspected once or twice per year. If your area is subject to heavy rain or snowfall, it might be a good idea to extend the time.

Examine the roof to determine if there are any missing or broken shingles. Also, look for cracks and soft spots in the roof sealant.

Fix them immediately if you find any. A damaged roof can allow moisture and air to get into the roof cavity. It will accelerate the wear and tear of your mobile home.

Roofs should be resealed at least twice per year. Roof coating is crucial in maintaining your home's temperature.

Before applying a roof coating, determine the type of roof that you have. Certain coatings don't work with certain roofing materials. Asphalt or aluminum coatings should not be used on rubber or PVC roofs.

3. Get rid of trash in your gutters

Gutter cleaning is one of the most simple mobile home maintenance tasks. It is still important.

Leakage and damage to the home can be caused by a clogged gutter. If left untreated, the accumulated debris can cause further financial damage and break the channel.

A gutter cleaning once per year should suffice. If you live in an area where snow and rain are frequent, cleaning your gutters at least once or twice per year is sufficient.

4. Skirting

Skirting prevents moisture from getting into your mobile home's bottom. Make sure the skirting is free of cracks and holes that could allow water or vermin to get into your home.

Despite this, ventilation is still important in skirting.

Proper ventilation prevents moisture from building up in your home. Proper ventilation can lead to foundation and flooring damage.

5. Check the Windows

Window maintenance is often neglected in manufactured homes. This is particularly true for seals around windows.

Neglecting to seal your windows can result in higher heating and cooling costs. This is because outside temperatures seep into the structure.

When extreme temperatures hit, pay attention to the window caulking. Because extreme temperature changes can cause sealant shrinkage and breakage, which will compromise its integrity.

A Lifetime Commitment

Mobile home maintenance does more than protect your home against damage or accelerated decay. It will also preserve your home's value.

Maintenance is an essential chore, regardless of whether you live in a mobile home or a house built from wood. If you live in a manufactured community, maintenance work can be skipped.

This is because many mobile home park or communities offer mobile home maintenance as a part of their rental prices. This could vary so be sure to do your research.

If you have further questions please give us a call at (323) 403-5600.

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