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Preparing your Mobile Home during Winter

Updated: Mar 21

It’s time for you to think about how to prepare your mobile home during winter in order to keep it safe from the cold and snow. Preparing your mobile home during winter in order to prevent damage to utilities and fixtures can be done even in warmer climates like the south of the United States. This will save you money over the life of your home.

You can prepare for cooler temperatures or for severe weather by following these steps:

Insulate Windows and Doors

Drafts can occur in your home if your windows and doors have damaged or exposed insulation. This could lead to higher heating bills. Insulating your windows from the inside will ensure that no heat escapes from your mobile home.

There are many ways to insulate your windows and doors. Spray foam insulation can be found in many hardware stores. Some may also offer large sheets or adhesive to cover windows and keep heat inside. To prevent heat from escaping your home, you should insulate windows and doors using any method.

Make sure you inspect your pipes

Now is the best time to fix any leaks or damage in pipes in your house. Not only can freezing pipes cause the most severe damage during winter, You can use heat tape to ensure your pipes remain warm and functional throughout winter.

Get your Furnace Inspected

To ensure that your utility provides proper climate control for your mobile home (either a furnace, air conditioner unit or space heater), it should be inspected every year. Your furnace is the most important item to inspect before winter sets in.

It’s crucial to make sure your furnace is repaired before the service technicians get too busy.

Maintain Your Skirting

You should check the exterior of your home to make sure that all the skirting on your mobile home is in good condition. Cracks and dents can lead to moisture damage, especially during snowstorms. Also, frozen pipes can be caused by missing or damaged skirting. The skirting prevents cold air from entering your home.

Maintain Gutters

You’ll need to make sure your gutters are clean and properly installed if you live in a place like Florida, Louisiana, or snowy Michigan. You could experience freeze-over if your gutters aren’t properly installed. This means that water and snow can build up in your gutters, creating large icicles. This can lead to significant gutter damage. It’s crucial to inspect your gutters before winter sets in.

Make sure to check for any roof repairs that may be required

You should also check your gutters before winter sets in. You should repair any leaks or other openings that allow heat to escape from your home before it gets too cold. Depending on the material of your roof, there are many ways to repair your roof.

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