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Five Things to Know About Selling Your Mobile Home to an Investor

Updated: Mar 15

There are many reasons to sell your property. You have several options. A traditional real estate agent could help you sell your property, or you can sell it directly to an investor.

Five Things to Know about Selling Your Mobile Home to an Investor

Understanding the Buyer

Mobile Home Matadors is a group of mobile home buyers who are professionals based in Southern California and primarily operate throughout California, Nevada, and Texas. Usually, we close quicker than traditional buyers and pay all in cash. Mobile home buying is more complicated than traditional. Buyers need to be qualified by banks and have to complete a property inspection. A buyer’s or seller?s agent is not paid commissions, which can save thousands of dollars.

A standard commission is 3% per sale. This means that if your mobile home sells for $200,000 you will have to pay $12,000 in commissions! Transaction fees may not be charged by professional mobile home buyers. However, these fees are usually much lower than the closing costs or commissions you would otherwise have to pay. You can also get mail-away closings, which is great for owners from out of state.

No Preparation Necessary

Mobile homes are often purchased as-is by professional mobile home buyers. This means that you don’t have to worry about making repairs or incurring additional costs. Some companies do not require inspections, making it an as-is transaction.

Extended Occupancy

Mobile home professionals are looking to make an investment. They don’t expect to move in the mobile home the day after closing. Mobile home buyers are more than happy to let you move at your own pace after closing. This is very helpful, especially considering the short closing times. You may also not have to clean your mobile home after you move out. You can pack only the furniture and personal belongings you wish to keep, and then leave the rest.

Sell with confidence

You won’t have to go through the emotional rollercoaster that comes with selling your mobile home to a professional buyer. You won’t be interrupted by annoying phone calls at the end of dinner asking you if your mobile home is available for sale. Your mobile home doesn’t need to be left in a state of disarray before you go to work.

It’s not necessary to be concerned about meeting a buyer’s agent, their clients, or answering questions you shouldn’t. It’s also not necessary to be concerned about buyers disagreeing with you on what furniture you want and what you should leave.

There is no risk

Selling to a professional mobile buyer is very straightforward. They will explain every step and often have simplified, clear contracts that can be used as-is. Your legal exposure will be reduced. The buyer won’t be able to find something that you didn?t disclose or anything they dislike about the neighborhood.

The buyer can sue you under most traditional realty contracts if they don’t feel they got all the information they need or if the facts are misunderstood. Professional mobile home buyers are familiar with the condition of the property and are willing to accept that risk.

Call Mobile Home Matadors today at (323) 403-5600 or send us a message to discuss selling your mobile home to an investor. We will inspect your property, give you an estimate of its market value, and help you sell your property.

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