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Different Types of mobile home park, manufactured home community

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Many people hesitate to look into a mobile home park, manufactured home community or remove it from their search for housing because they lack knowledge about the options. There is a lot more misinformation in the mobile home market than the real estate market. Many people have one picture of mobile home parks in their minds. Unfortunately, that is all they see.

Manufactured Home Parks are NOT the same as Trailer Parks

Mobile, manufactured and trailer are all interchangeable because the roots of modern manufactured homes that we love and know today came from trailer homes in the 1970s.

Mobile homes are often associated with trailers because of this association. Mobile home parks are also subject to the same fate. Today's manufactured homes are far more advanced than the trailers and mobile homes of yesterday.

This is largely due to 1976's HUD code. it renamed mobile homes manufactured housing. Standardized safety and quality standards led to an explosion in innovation and credibility within the industry.

Differences between mobile home and trailer homes

These are the key differences between manufactured and trailer homes that contribute to the diversity of the communities:

  • The lifespan of manufactured homes is much longer. If properly maintained, new models can last longer..

  • Many people view manufactured homes as a fixed investment. They think that they are convertible to real estate, but they are not.

People see mobile homeowners as more than just "nomads" today. Mobile home park, Manufactured home community offer long-term or long leased housing in a more secluded community than a real estate or suburb. Trailer parks cater to more short-term visitors. These differences are evident in the rent/contract agreements, utilities etc, for the two types of communities or parks.

Lot rent Community

Lot Rent mobile home park, manufactured home community

The most popular type of manufactured home park in America today is the land-lease community. Residents have three choices when it comes down to joining these parks.

  • Purchase a home and rent the land.

  • Rent a lot in the park to buy a mobile home.

  • As a single rental, you can rent the entire property and the house.

This is a popular choice because it is financially sound. Manufactured home owners tend to be on a tight budget, so buying a lot of land can also prove costly. The United States property prices are rising year-on-year, despite being sky-high. A piece of land can cost more than a house depending on its state and market conditions. The usual lot rent ranges from $350 to $1200 but could go high up to more than $2000.

Most often, residents have full access to the park's amenities once they become residents. The land and park will remain the property of their owners. Either the landowner or professional park management company could own it.

Subdivision community that is land-owned

A land-owned subdivision community can have many homeowners. These types of mobile homes communities are often managed by homeowners' associations (or HOAs). They have a stake in the future development of the park and a fixed interest. The park will be developed initially by a landowner or another developer. The landowner or other developer will then sell the lots to interested parties, with or without houses.

The property will be owned by the people who purchased it within the community. Most parks will continue to provide services for residents by the HOA and other governing bodies. They will also ensure that utilities are available. Anybody who lives in the park has access to the public facilities.

Swimming pool
One of the amenities on a Mobile Home Park

Swimming Pool

Community Benefits

These amenities include gym, swimming pools and maintenance services like gardening, garbage collection and maintenance. Everyone shares the same to maintain and operate the park. The levy amount can vary widely depending on where you live, what facilities are available, and so forth. The levy ranges from $150 to $450 in general.

These parks are rarer because they offer a smaller profit margin for developers and landowners, and little long-term income. There is also a higher buy-in. The residents will need to own a home and pay upfront for the property. It wouldn't be required if there are rent-to-own and down payment options.

The residents of the HOA have a greater say in shaping the future direction of the park, which is a huge plus. This gives residents a greater sense of security. Depending on the HOA's work, some majority may be required to sell the park. The income will be distributed according to the plan if it is approved.

Cooperative community

Because it includes elements of both, it might be easy for people to mistake a co-op community for a land-owned subdivision. There are important differences. Residents of a co-op community own only a portion of the land, in the form of lots. These residents are often the first to move into a community. They may choose to buy lots rather than lease them.

The group of residents creates a similar HOA, with many of its functions. The original developers or owners of the community still own the rest of the land, and the decision-making power. These might give instructions as to how a board or similar entity should be created from land-owners and what powers they will have.

As in any land-lease community, the rest of the lots can still be leased to residents. Residents will not have the same say in daily operations of the park as in a land-lease community. They will also need to defer decision-making and management to the HOA or board of directors.

It is often that the board of directors will appoint a permanent, professional management team to manage the mobile home park's day-to-day operations and operation.

Senior Community

Retirement communities with age restrictions

Retirees are increasingly attracted to mobile home park, manufactured home community. The financial benefits speak for themself. Research and statistics show that the majority of Americans don't save enough for retirement. Affordable housing is becoming more important as the baby boomers approach retirement.

Mobile homes can be a great choice for people on a tight budget.

This might be shocking!

Age 55+ communities are the most popular age-restricted community type. This term has almost become synonymous with this type of park. There are many variations of this community, ranging from 45+ to 65+.

These parks don't usually provide elderly care. They may be located far from hospitals and clinics. These communities often open small markets to help residents shop for essentials and reduce their dependence on cars.

Luxury home communities

Many people are stuck in old perceptions about mobile homes and can't believe the terms "manufactured house" and "luxury can be used in the same sentence. You'll be amazed at the amazing design homes you can find in some of the most prestigious manufacturers' catalogs.

The popularity and quality of manufactured homes has led to many renovations, upgrades and additions. Luxury manufactured home parks are now a popular trend. Buyers of Mobile Homes are also from A-list stars like Matthew McConaughey. Paradise Cove, Malibu is a prime example.

There's a perfect community for you!

You can expect to find a variety of options when choosing the right community for your manufactured home. These factors should be considered when making a decision. Your experience can be determined by the level of ownership, management style, and the overall experience these various types of manufactured homes communities offer.

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