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Tips in selling your Oregon Mobile Home

Updated: May 2

If you have a plan selling your Oregon mobile home, it can be quick and simple. Some selling strategies work well for homeowners. Others are more successful in using other methods. Selling is possible in many ways. Find out more about your options.

You will need to decide how long you are willing to wait, what you can afford, and what you require in order to achieve your selling goals. There are many ways to sell your mobile home.

Declutter and Fix

You will need to clean up your mobile home before you make it available for viewing. You can also make any minor repairs that you've been putting off. As a mobile home's value is affected by problems with its plumbing and electrical systems, make sure they are all in good working order. The outside of your property is important too. You can make your property look more inviting by cleaning up the yard and tending to any exterior damage.

Find out who are your possible buyers

Is there a greater number of elderly people buying or are more young singles taking advantage of the small-home craze? Your marketing strategy should depend on who is currently buying in the area, and not be geared towards those already living there.

Local mobile home market

There are changes in price (could go up or down) between selling your mobile home quickly and letting it stay on the market for couple of months. It is important to price your mobile home correctly so that it does not go too high or drive away potential buyers. It can look like you don't understand what you are doing or that there is something wrong.

Make it easy for buyers to see the property

You will need to make your property available for viewings, whether you're using an agent or selling on your own. This is something you want to be flexible with, and never turn down a showing. It is not uncommon for buyers to request showings at unsuitable times. However, it is in your best interest to accommodate them. It will be necessary to quickly clean the property and get it ready for showing. The owner can also make potential buyers feel uncomfortable if you are not there.

Professional Buyer

Working with a direct buyer is the fastest and most cost-effective way to sell your Oregon mobile home. Mobile Home Matadors, a direct buyer, will pay you a fair amount, without any marketing costs, repair costs, or commissions. Your mobile home can be closed on the same day as you place it. The process is simple and transparent. Your mobile home will be sold quickly.

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