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The Best Way to Sell Your Mobile Home

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

A common question we get is what happens after we buy mobile homes for cash or what does cash for mobile homes buyers do?  This is a great question because I’m sure you’ve seen the signs and if you’ve ever visited Mobile Home Matadors, you may have seen some of the homes we have sold.

In short, we buy mobile homes to get people out of bad or tricky situations.  To be clear we assist with all of those who need help selling their mobile homes, but buying a mobile home cash is our specialty.

Selling Your Mobile Home Fast 

Why do we buy mobile homes fast?  Or what is the importance of buying a manufactured home cash?  Well it helps the current owner get out of a bad situation or at least a less desirable one.  Oftentimes, especially during times of economic hardship, like we are seeing now, people may need to sell a mobile home fast.  Unfortunately, it can take months to sell a mobile home and that’s assuming it’s ready to move in.

Second, most of these homes need rehab, which is actually great news.  You’re probably asking, “Why is a mobile/manufactured home that needs rehab a good thing?”  It’s good because many people when buying a mobile home don’t have the ability to fix it.

How Bad Can It Be?

In fact, repairs for mobile homes are considerably cheaper than traditional homes.  If you are able to put in all of the labor and have the experience to repair your own mobile home, you will save a lot of money.  You could also potentially save a lot of money cooking all your meals, changing your own oil, or even growing your own food, but this is not the case for most things in life.  Repairing a mobile home from top to bottom and potentially even the yard could be about 10-15k in cost not including labor.  Furthermore, don’t forget your most valuable asset… time.

For the person selling the home, they have to ask themselves how long will it take to fix a home, along with how much time will it take before you sell that home?  This is all part of the risk reward factor.  However if you don’t want to chance it, reach out to a friendly Mobile Home Specialist, such as Taiden, who buys mobile homes cash in Las Vegas.

We Buy Manufactured Homes Las Vegas

Taiden is excellent at assisting families and is a great Mobile Home Buyer.  He recently took on Las Vegas Mobile Home that needed a lot of fixing.  The previous owner found themselves asking, “how do I sell my mobile?”  Luckily, Mr. Stansbury saw the sign, a we buy mobile homes cash sign that guided him to us.

Mr. Stansbury was amazing to work with and knew what he wanted.  He was ready to sell his mobile home so he could be closer with family.  This is something we typically see in 55+ parks.  He had done his best to take care of the home but after 17 years of mobile home living on top of repairs he likely needed when he moved in this place needed an overhaul.

Below are a few pictures of the renovation.

Ultimately, an established Mobile Home Buyer can Buy Your Mobile Home Cash to help you get out of a mobile home fast and is able to renovate and provide a beautiful home for a new homeowner.

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