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Selling a Mobile Home Without Land: Is It Possible?

Updated: Mar 24

We like to keep things simple at Mobile Home Matadors so we will tell you that it is possible to sell a mobile house without land. It was simple, wasn’t it? Selling a mobile home without land can be tricky and we detail out your options.

There’s more to this story than you might think. You will need to consider unique considerations when selling a mobile home that is not on land. Here are some important factors that will help you sell your mobile home if you have a piece of land you want to keep.

Why sell a mobile home without land?

You might want to buy a mobile home but not the land it is on. These are some of the most common reasons:

  1. You are moving and want to sell your mobile home while still keeping the land.

  2. You would like to add another element to the property.

  3. You would like to keep the land, but charge rent to the homebuyer.

  4. You might be better off using the land for something else.

  5. A lien is placed on the land that prohibits you from selling it.

You may also not be able to own the lot where your home is located, especially if it’s within a manufactured home community. In such cases, you would pay mobile park lot rent. Your task may be easier in such cases, but you will still need to understand the facts.

The Legal Side

First, you will need to go through the legal process to separate a manufactured home from its land. To find out the specific steps required, you should contact your county clerk or the Department of Motor Vehicles office.

  1. Change the title of your mobile house from real property to personal property (like an automobile).

  2. You can have your manufactured home’s title reissued at the county clerk’s or Division of Motor Vehicles.

  3. A manufactured home appraiser to provide a current appraisal.

Sellers who have their manufactured homes, but not their lots, may find it easier to sell their homes. This is because the home will be titled personal property and not real estate. You will still need permission from the mobile home park management authority in order to sell your home. The park owner may also have the right to first refusal.

Is it possible to find a buyer for a mobile home without land?

Although it is possible to sell a mobile home without any land, it can be difficult to find buyers if the buyer has to move the home. When searching for buyers, keep these things in mind:

  1. Moving a mobile house is costly and time-consuming. It also poses a risk of causing damage to the property.

  2. Mobile home financing can be harder to locate for homes without a foundation. This could limit your buyer pool.

  3. A lot of home insurance companies won’t insure a manufactured house that has been moved more than once.

  4. A buyer can remove a mobile home from your lot but they must still buy or rent land to build a mobile home elsewhere.

  5. It is still necessary to set it up after a home has been moved to a new location.

Tips to Find a Buyer

A manufactured home that isn’t required to be moved will be of greater interest to buyers. If you don’t plan on using the land, renting the lot to someone else can provide a lucrative income stream in addition to the sale of your home. The community management may not allow the option if the home is in a manufactured home community.

It’s often easier to sell a manufactured house without land to a wholesaler or dealer in manufactured homes, as these businesses have the resources to pay for moving. These businesses will make a profit so you may get offers that are lower than your asking price.

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