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Selling a Mobile Home in Texas

Updated: Mar 24

The Texas housing market has been booming and is not slowing down. Many buyers will look for great homes at a lower price in an active market. This is good news for anyone selling a Texas mobile home.

It's essential to have the right knowledge and tools in order to get the best price on your manufactured home.

To whom should I sell my Mobile Home?

Most Texas mobile home sellers must decide whether they want to sell their home by themselves, also known as "for sale-by-owner" or through a mobile real estate agent or through a professional Mobile Home buyer/seller.

If you live in a Mobile Home park and decided to sell, usually the park manager helps you through the selling process. Park sales representatives will work with you to ensure your home is ready for sale, coordinate showing times, and find potential buyers.

Sellers who do not live in a Mobile Home park need to decide whether they want to sell directly or through a Mobile home agent. Although a real estate agent charges a commission, they will connect with buyers and show the home to them.

While selling FSBO can save you money, it will require more work for the seller.

Evaluation and Assessment

A professional appraisal and inspection is a must for anyone who wants to sell a manufactured house in Texas.

A professional appraiser is trained to assess the key factors that affect a home's worth, such as its model, age, and condition. Professional inspectors can help buyers feel confident and spot any potential repairs that may be required by the seller.

It's important to get a professional appraisal to ensure your mobile home is in good condition and that it has a fair market value.

Advertise Your Mobile Home

It's easier to find the right buyer for your Texas manufactured home if you know how to market it and have a good eye for curb appeal.

It is important to have a home that has appeal . You can do a lot with a new coat of paint, or fixing your porch or windows.


Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) regulates transactions involving manufactured home sales and installations.

The Statement of Ownership & Location is the most important document when selling a Texas mobile home. These documents contain all the following:

Transfer, sale and current ownership

It is important to decide whether a home can be titled personal property or real property.

The physical location of the home

Hold on property or Outstanding Liens

The TDHCA must receive a revised Statement of Ownership & Location at least 60 days prior to the sale date.

A written warranty and disclosure statement must be provided by the seller to the buyer. This document should describe the property's condition and verify its habitability. You may need other documents. Check with your local government for details.

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