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Updated: May 2

It is important to establish clear definitions before any discussion can continue.


A mobile home simply means a home built inside a factory. These mobile homes are built on a steel frame. The manufacturer or their new owners will move them to a lot in a mobile home community, or onto private land.


One-unit homes are the most common form of housing for families in America. These homes can be built on-site and take anywhere from three to twelve months.

Each component of the home is assembled directly on-site. It will stay there forever. The materials are ordered by contractors to be delivered to the site to be used during construction.

Until the exterior walls, roofing and windows are installed, the interior of the house is exposed to the elements.

Site-built homes are traditional and tried and true and have stood the test and time throughout American and global history.

tiny home with porch
mobile home with porch


Both forms of housing offer shelter, and they may look very similar today. However, each has its own unique characteristics. We'll be comparing the main differences between a house and a mobile home.


A site-built home may take between three and twelve years, depending on the speed of the contractors. In addition, the home's completion may be delayed by weather conditions and financial issues.

A mobile home can be constructed from the bottom up in as little as two weeks. Because the mobile home is built quickly, the home's cost can be kept within an affordable range.


Contractors construct a house on-site, leaving it open to the elements. The place can also be subject to many contractors and workers who will work on different aspects. This arrangement does not guarantee that theft will not occur.

The majority of mobile home materials come pre-measured and are ready for installation. Dedicated crews at the manufacturing facility handle each phase of construction.

The walls were first built using a steel frame. The flooring is next. Next, the home is moved to another construction department until it is complete. After a final inspection, the house can be moved to a lot on a mobile home community or privately owned land.


Site-built homes are generally not subject to many restrictions. However, there may be more or fewer regulations in some states for different phases of the construction process. Most often, contractors must be licensed. Another requirement is to have regular inspections.

Mobile homes are subject to a more significant restriction. They must comply with the HUD code. In addition, there may be restrictions in different areas regarding whether a mobile home can replace a house. If they are legal, you may have to follow specific requirements regarding the materials used for your roofing and exterior. When researching the needs of your local area, you should also look into details regarding installation.

The HUD laws have rehabilitated mobile homes. As a result, mobile homes are now a worthy competitor to site-built homes.

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