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Are Mobile Homes Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency is a major concern for homeowners. Americans are looking to lower their carbon footprints and reduce their energy bills, so there is a high demand for energy-efficient houses. You might be interested in buying a manufactured house.

Here are some tips to help you find the most energy-efficient models.

The good news is that manufactured homes are becoming more efficient due to innovations in building techniques and materials.

Manufactured Homes Today: Energy Efficiency

Today's manufactured homes are built with efficiency in mind. The HVAC systems of these homes are engineered to even out temperatures in the heating and cooling zones. Walls, floors, and roofs are constructed from a combination of high-quality building materials. This improves the home's R value, which is the rate at heat flows are prevented.

Because manufactured homes are made in factories, engineers can fine-tune the manufacturing process to control quality. This is crucial to ensure manufactured homes perform year-round and are energy efficient.

Energy Star Manufactured Homes

Energy Star certifications are now available for many of the most energy-efficient manufactured houses. This government program helps buyers find more efficient products. An Energy Star manufactured home can offer all the following:

Superior insulation

Ductwork that is more efficient and tighter

High-efficiency hot water systems

Windows that is energy-efficient

Tips to Improve Energy Efficiency

You can improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your mobile home by following a few simple steps, regardless of whether you have an Energy Star home. These steps will help you make your Mobile Home energy efficient.

*If your home doesn't already have one, upgrade its insulation.

*Double-pane windows can be energy-efficient and should be tightly sealed.

*Insulated skirting can be installed to reduce heat transfer from your underside.

*Weather-stripping should be installed around doors.

*You can upgrade your lighting fixtures and appliances to energy-efficient models.

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