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Sell My Mobile Home Fast in Santa Ana

We Buy Mobile Homes in Santa Ana

Get an Offer.
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There will never be enough words of praise and gratitude for all the energy, effort, and encouragement I received from both Ria and Cedric starting from the moment I placed not only my home but myself in their capable hands. Ria and Cedric provided the most qualified, knowledgeable and professional service in selling my home...

- Rebecca, Google Review

Who Buys Mobile Homes in Santa Ana

Mobile Home Matadors offers a convenient solution for selling your mobile home effortlessly, with the added benefit of a quick closing time of just 14 days. Say goodbye to the hassle and let us handle the process for you.

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We Buy Mobile Homes As-Is.


"We purchase manufactured homes in 'As-Is' condition because we understand that our clients often encounter challenges such as back lot rent, inherited homes, or the need for repairs. Our commitment to our work allows you to focus on other priorities.

At Mobile Home Matadors, our primary objective is to assist you in finding a solution for your unwanted mobile home."

Sell Your Mobile Home Fast Santa Ana!



Call Us or Fill Out the FORM, and we will contact you within 24 hours.


We come and see your home, then calculate an offer.


We settle on a price and work with an escrow company to clean up the paperwork.

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When seeking a fast sale, wanting to avoid repairs, or desiring cash for your mobile home, Mobile Home Matadors is the ideal solution. Obtain an offer or seek a second opinion on how to proceed with your mobile home immediately.

An EASIER  Way to Sell Your Mobile Home in Santa Ana

Working with Mobile Home Matadors and receiving a cash offer brings numerous advantages. These benefits encompass only a small portion of what you can gain.

Save Time

Selling your mobile home can be a lengthy and demanding process. Our quick, fair cash offers allow you to easily sell your mobile home and move on to your next adventure in just a few days.

Remove Doubt

Traditional real estate sales can be unpredictable, with buyers potentially withdrawing last minute or inspections causing delays. Our offers simplify selling your trailer or manufactured home, giving you control and the flexibility to set your closing date.

Reduce Your Cost

Sell your mobile home to us to avoid the costs and hassles of renovations and repairs. With a fast cash sale, you'll skip taxes, fees, and commissions, putting money in your pocket immediately.

Bypass Traditional Sale

Selling your mobile home through an agent can be slow, especially for mobile homes due to smaller commissions. This can extend for months. Our team, however, specializes in quick mobile home purchases.

' I Want CASH for My Mobile Home '

If that's what your thinking...

Mobile Home Cash Buyers in Santa Ana

Numerous factors could lead you to consider selling your mobile home in exchange for cash. We have already assisted countless individuals and families with a variety of different predicaments, such as:

Too Many Repairs

Fixing a manufactured home can be expensive.  If you're in over your head or don't want to pay for repairs, a cash offer is perfect.


Avoid probate and monthly lot rent by selling your inheirted mobile home.

Upsizing or Downsizing

No matter your reason for moving you may need to do it quick and you may need money for moving expenses or a down payment.

Avoid Eviction from a Park

If you’re facing eviction and moving your residence to a new location is impractical, we can buy your manufactured house with fast cash.

Avoid Foreclosure

Struggling with high property taxes or mortgage payments? Our offer will help you avoid repossession and restore your finances.

Don't Want to Use a Realtor

Whether you want avoid the demands of a realtor or you just don't want to show your home to the masses.  We can help.

How to Sell A Mobile Home for Cash in Santa Ana

Mobile home repairs

Traditional Cash Buy

The mobile home is bought in "As-Is" condition and most likely needs some repair.  You get cash as soon as we close through escrow, then we work on getting the house fixed.  

Mobile home buyers

Seller Financing 

This a great way to make more money if your mobile home needs work and you have time to wait a few extra months.

We Buy Mobile Homes Throughout California

Mobile Home Matadors has worked throughout California.  From Oakland to Sactown the Bay Area and back down, Mobile Home Matadors is willing to buy your mobile home.  These are just a few cities that come to mind.

Costa Mesa
El Monte
Los Angeles
Napa Valley
Orange County
Palm Springs
Santa Ana
Santa Clara
Santa Clarita
Santa Rosa

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