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Selling your Mobile Home Directly will Save you Money

Updated: May 1

Are you thinking of selling your mobile home directly? Sellers who are faced with repair costs often feel overwhelmed by the time and effort required to prepare their home for traditional listing. The process of selling your home is the same whether you work alone or with a licensed agent. You can save thousands of commissions by fixing the problem yourself. However, your agent will spend more time managing everything from the moment a sign is placed in the yard to the day it's removed and posted on the internet.

A mobile home's marketability is directly affected by its control interest. This is especially true if it is listed online, that buyers can check anytime. You must be competitive to get buyers to view your property, as they are most likely to search for houses that they can move in immediately.

There is an easier way for you to sell your house for a fair price. You would love to avoid all the hassles and costs of fixing up your home, as well as the additional pressure of rescheduling and changing the schedule of your family around open mobile homes and showings. You will be guided step-by-step through the process by a professional buyer.

Learn how selling your mobile house directly to a professional buyer can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Supply Costs Fluctuations

Lumber is more expensive than ever right now. It's up 112 percent above last year. Because more people want to own a home, the demand for lumber and other supplies is increasing. Many homeowners are choosing to invest in their home, making the repairs that they've been putting off, as well as upgrades for schools, home offices, and other family-related activities. As a result, the demand for building materials has increased, causing supply chains and manufacturing to slow down and increase the consumers’ costs. You shouldn't be surprised if a professional gives you a cost estimate for repairs due to fluctuations in supply costs. They may also give you a time limit or allow for adjustments in actual costs. The lag in materials will reduce your profit margins and keep you paying the mortgage and other monthly expenses as the project continues. Selling directly will allow you to stop worrying about repairs and upgrades, and professional buyers will purchase your home as is, so the cost of materials won't be a problem. You can see why selling your mobile house directly to Mobile Home Matadors is a great way to save money on repairs that could quickly add up to thousands of dollars.


Repair costs can be out-of-control, so experts recommend adding 10% to the repair budget. Often, hidden problems are discovered mid-project. These problems can be very serious, as in the case of the foundation of a building. It all depends on your financial situation. Failing to plan for unexpected events could cause everything to stop. Unexpectedly are a part of any home repair, even if you have hired a professional to inspect it and spoken to at least three professionals about estimates. Let's say you want to put a house in disrepair up for sale. You can expect buyers to offer you a ridiculously low price to fix your home. Even if the problem is not apparent, some sellers may be faced with legal issues and additional expenses. Direct buyers such as Mobile Home Matadors can purchase your mobile home and take all the risk of potential problems. A professional buyer may be able to save you money on hidden repairs that could increase your repair costs by thousands of dollars.

Mobile Home Matadors will take care of it all! Mobile Home Matadors is the best place to sell your mobile home if you are facing costly repairs. Mobile Home Matadors does not charge any commissions or other hidden fees. Your cash payment will be deducted at closing.

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