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How Hard Is it to Sell A Mobile Home?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

While every situation is different, it can be pretty difficult to sell my mobile home. If you own the home and the land, it?s easier because it?s more like traditional real estate and I will write an article on that in the coming weeks. However, if your mobile or manufactured home is located in a park there are some hurdles that will have to be cleared.


Potentially Parks

Mobile homes located within parks operate on land leases, which means you pay a lot of rent for the land your mobile home sits on.  I often explain this to people as HOA (homeowners association) for mobile home parks, it’s for the land and the amenities in the park.  Technically, you can have your mobile home repossessed for miss payments or not being able to pay lot rent.  More importantly, parks also hold the first right of refusal. 

This means a park has the first right to your home, so they can match the offer of the buyer or any deal before moving for

How can I sell my manufactured home?

There are also other issues, such as will the new owners qualify based on the park standards? And in some instances does it need to be moved because it doesn?t home is too old (safety standards, usually pre-1976)? Keep in mind park owners just want to make sure that they keep their park nice and manicured for all patrons and residents.

Your Mobile Home Isn?t Legally A Home

Also, mobile homes aren’t actually homes, they are considered personal property.? Real property is defined as land and anything permanently attached to it.? This difference impacts everything especially the value and the way it is financed.??

Value – What makes traditional housing or real property, so valuable is the underlying asset, which is the land that it sits on. It?s often said that the 3 most important things in real estate are location, location, location, so while you have a structure the underlying asset and location are owned by someone else. A great location usually just equates to more lot rent and not appreciation of the asset itself.

Financing Because mobile homes are classified as personal property, borrowers have to use personal property loans, often referred to as ?chattel loans,? which more than likely have higher interest rates and shorter terms than a mortgage loan.  This adds an extra step because the buyer has to get qualified for a loan to purchase your home with less favorable terms than traditional homes. 

You could also offer buyers financing, which will increase interest for those who prefer not to take out a loan or don?t qualify for one.  You?ll need to secure a downpayment, structure a plan and I strongly recommend getting a lawyer involved for this type of arrangement.


For Sales By Owners (FSBO)

How Hard Is it to Sell A Mobile Home? Mobile Home Matadors we buy mobile homes

There are several ways to sell.  You could go the FSBO (for sale by owner) route, which is where you do all the work.  Meaning you do the comps (comparable) and estimate the market price or price you feel comfortable with, advertise/market your property, find a buyer, and handle the paperwork.  In essence, take over the realtor’s job.

Real Estate Agent

If you do this make sure the real estate is familiar with mobile homes and the nuances of getting them sold.  Remember they aren’t always used to selling traditional homes or real property.  Also, keep in mind that they will charge a flat fee.  This may be a flat commission, which could be good or bad.  Other times it’s a %, but depending on your needs and timeline a mispriced property can sit for months up to years.  The good news is they take care of all of the paperwork.


Going with an investor makes the selling process simple because there are only a few steps.  In short, an investor or specialist comes out and does a brief inspection of your home, does comparables, and makes an offer for which they wish to buy your house. 

Investors buy properties in bulk and have the resources to buy, fix and sell my mobile home in Florida (sometimes rent) or anywhere in the US.  In many cases, this saves time and money because they take on the risk of all these tasks and can usually most buy your place in ? as-is? condition.  Some even have ways of marketing your place to an audience that is more receptive to buying your home.

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