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Do You Need an Agent to Sell Your Mobile Home?

Updated: Mar 13

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Thinking About Listing With An Agent?

Selling your mobile home is only the first step in the entire sales process. Next, you need to decide how you will sell the mobile home. The most popular method is listing with a real estate agent. A good understanding of the normal operating procedures of real agents can help you envision paying substantial amounts of equity in commissions.

There are other downsides to traditional listings, such as the lengthy process and complicated paperwork. You will also have to deal with showings. And you may end up spending thousands on repairs before making a profit.

You could avoid all the negative effects of real estate agents by selling directly. However, you might be wondering if it is worth using an agent to sell your mobile home.


You have the option to list your mobile home yourself, but it is not an easy task. This is because, in today’s highly-tech world of real estate, many owners are reluctant to pay large commissions. Commissions, broker fees, and marketing costs are all a part of listing with an agent when selling your mobile home. You can save money by selling directly and avoiding all listing fees. By selling directly to an investor such as Mobile Home Matadors, you can retain the commissions. The offer is the amount of money that you’ll receive from the closing table to the bank.


Many people are reluctant to sell their mobile homes because they don’t want the hassle involved in dealing with all the paperwork. However, incorrect documents and deadlines that could be stressful can lead to a traditional sale. An alternative is to direct sell. A simple contract is all you need, and it is done. Your direct buyer should guide you through the process step-by-step and answer all questions just as Mobile Home Matadors will.


The time it takes to sell your mobile home isn’t always easily known, but looking at days on the market can give you a barometer. Although a real agent might be able to give you an average time that their listings remain on the market, it is not possible to guarantee that your mobile house will sell while you pay your bills. Did you know? A direct sale guarantees your closing date, which can take as little as seven business days. Because of their years of experience, direct buyers at Mobile Home Matadors have learned that sometimes you may need more time to be ready for the move. Therefore, we can arrange for the closing date whenever you are most convenient.


You should be prepared for showings if you hire an agent to sell your mobile house. Keep your home neat at all times. Have a plan and a list of places you’ll need to go. A buyer will usually only visit a property for a brief time and then request an immediate viewing. Make sure that your pets and supplies are accessible so that you can quickly take them out of sight. The staging process increases sales, so personal belongings should be kept out of sight. Would you prefer to skip the whole process of showing? You don’t even have to clean up when you sell your mobile home to a professional investor like those at Mobile Home Matadors. We will be the only ones to see your mobile home.

Inspections and Repairs

Do you worry about the costs of repairs if you hire an agent to sell your mobile home? A real estate agent will recommend updating your mobile home, whether it is new paint or replacing old appliances, flooring, or cabinetry. Unknown problems are often discovered during an inspection. The next step is to make sure everything is up-to-standard for the listing. Or, you can sell at a discount price. Did you know that selling directly means you don’t have any modifications or pay for any repairs? Direct buyers, such as those at Mobile Home Matadors, will purchase your mobile home as it is. You can let go of all your troubles.

If you provide us with the details of how you arrived at our offer, we’ll outline your profit. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us at (323) 403-5600.

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