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Benefits of Small House Living

Updated: May 2

What are the advantages of Small House Living?

A family who considers tiny living is often most intimidated by the smaller space. Most people learn many life lessons from downsizing. Adults can also learn a lot from their children who live in a small home. These five benefits can help improve the quality of life for everyone in your family by living in a small home.

a house with open wondows
single family mobile home

More time for Children or Community service

Reduce your housing footprint to make it easier to give back to the community. This type of home purchase is more affordable and you will likely feel less pressure to work. This will allow you to have more time for your children and let them experience the benefits of community service projects and volunteering. It is possible to teach kindness.

Social Skills

Children begin to role-play characters by using their ever-expanding imaginations to explore the outside and inside. Children learn social skills and problem solving through this process. They learn how to deal with conflict every day.

Get Outside

If you live in a house that is approximately 100 square feet per person as a family, you will be able to spend more time outside. This allows you to get vitamin D and get your hands and feet dirty. It also gives you the opportunity to grow and be more sustainable. These skills are extremely valuable for teaching children. Small house living is a wonderful way to encourage outdoor interaction for active minds and small bodies.

Family Memories

It's not uncommon for tangible gifts to be reduced when real estate prices drop. People who live in smaller homes prefer to share the gift of time together. You can go on a family trip like zoo, fishing, hiking or road trips. These are great opportunities for family memories and don't take up much space.

More time with your Family

A tiny home or park model is much smaller in square footage, so maintenance and upkeep are minimal. This allows you to enjoy more time with your family, laughing, traveling, and making memories.

Families adapt to small living and are more comfortable letting go of material possessions. People have a greater capacity for imagination. It's possible to become our best selves. That freedom is what everyone seems to want, regardless of age.

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