• Alleine Solmirano

Are Mobile Homes Safe in Florida?

Factory-built homes today offer the best in standard, habitable, and low cost. There are many misconceptions about manufactured homes. We want to let you know the truth so you can evaluate the true benefits and value of mobile/ manufactured homes today.

Safe for both mobile and modular homes

Florida's factory-built homes are built to withstand hurricane force winds. One of America's largest home insurance companies has found that the risk of fire in a site built home is twice as high than a factory-built one. A Florida factory-built home is likely to be the most secure. This is due to strict building codes, safety inspections standards and Florida's extensive installation requirements.

Mobile Homes are Durable

All Mobile homes must be built according to the highest standards. Third-party inspectors must inspect manufactured homes during construction. This is not the case for site-built homes. Manufactured/ Mobile homes are constructed to the same standards and codes as site-built homes but in a critical environment with expert workers.

Mobile or Manufactured Homes are safe during Typhoon/Hurricane season

True: During a storm, manufactured homes are just as safe as traditional homes or stick built homes.

Federal standards require that all new homes must meet strictly controlled regarding installation and anchoring, in line with construction and hurricane quality. The 1994 hurricane Andrew storm brought strict wind safety standards to manufactured homes. An IBHS test few years ago found that mobile/manufactured homes fared stronger against high winds than site-built houses.

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